Extending Luxembourg’s free tram line

Luxembourg made history last year as the first country in the world to offer free public transportation nationwide. The tramway network planned by Luxtram aims to meet the growing need for low-carbon mobility resulting from the country’s strong socio-economic development.


Reducing emissions by extending public transport system in Ghent, Belgium 

Tractebel to provide design and technical support for extended tram line in Ghent. Both the future tram line and its surrounding bike and pedestrian pathways will favour alternate modes of sustainable mobility. 


District heating and cooling (DHC) technology as part of the future smart energy system

DHC network technology is a promising solution for the reduction of both primary energy consumption and local emissions to cover the heating and cooling demand of buildings



Moving towards carbon-neutral hospitals

Tractebel develops tool for hospitals to map their potential for energy savings, renewable on-site energy production and CO2 reduction



Improving Safety through Digital Geological Mapping Technology

Tractebel measures safety of quarry rockslide zone with in-house developed mapping tool.




Tractebel develops remote, online noise-monitoring system 

Noise. Whether it’s generated by industry, infrastructure, or in the vicinity of major works, all projects need to consider the environmental impact of the noise they generate. To address this, Tractebel has developed an application that can measure noise anywhere.


Tractebel and partners win Helsinki Energy Challenge

The HIVE team was chosen among 252 participants from 35 countries for their design of a future-proof, innovative solution to decarbonize Helsinki’s heating network.




Tractebel participates in digital panel “Collaboration in Future Mobility System”

Tractebel’s General Manager - Business Line Urban, Charles-Edouard Delpierre, keynotes virtual discussion hosted by the European Technology Chamber (EUTECH) Mobility Council on how a carbon-neutral future in mobility can be achieved through new modes, new technology, new energy and new stakeholders.


Meet Eileen Spencer, Tractebel Project Engineer for Transport Infrastructure in Chile

For most of her career, she has been working on the first automatic metro lines in Santiago, Chile. In her free time, she loves to discover new places and go hiking and camping.