Hasselt: a green hospital in the middle of greenery


In January 2019, Jessa began its search for the design team that could best translate its ambitions into a concrete design. The central mission of the building master plan was to promote the architectural quality of the built environment. This project had to fit into a global vision, into how the city, the province and even Flanders sees the use of this open space. Together with Jessa (staff and doctors), the licensing authorities (Province of Limburg and City of Hasselt) and the local residents, work will continue to ultimately arrive at a supported total concept that is planned for 2030.



What was evaluated as an important asset of this design is its future-worthy and sustainable character. Responding to the evolving and changing care processes, on the one hand an optimal exchangeability of available spaces is provided. On the other hand, the impact on the environment is limited and attention is paid to a flexible and resilient environment. The building will also be CO2 neutral, and for this the Urban experts of Tractebel Urban will use their recently developed tool to map the potential towards energy savings, renewable energy production and CO2 reduction.

Besides sustainability, Tractebel will also be involved as a subcontractor in the building techniques, stability and infrastructure studies in order to help steer the flexibility and adaptability of the project.








For more information about this project, you can contact:

Jeroen GELLYNCK - Manager Buildings Hasselt, in Belgium