Over 80 cities scanned worldwide: our 360 City Scan


Cities today are facing multiple challenges: traffic congestion, climate change, resource scarcity, technological advancement, demographic changes, social transformation and globalization. These have been compounded by relatively recent threats related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For over five years, our Tractebel Urban experts have been scanning cities around the globe. Our in-house developed 360°City Scan provides a holistic analysis of a city’s sustainability, with insights on infrastructure readiness and services efficiency in six key performance areas. The 360°City Scan provides a clearer picture of cities and helps guide them towards sustainable urban transformation.

We’ve also performed deep sustainability sub-scans on smaller-scale environments like stadiums, airports and hospitals.


Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Our Urban experts were recently called upon by ENGIE Australia to scan Monash University, the biggest in Australia. The results will serve as a blueprint for the development and prioritization of integrated solutions across both the campus and precinct to activate a thriving community.


"In Springfield, Australia, we used the 360°City Scan to analyze the city to define ambitions and project the different scenarios towards becoming a zero net energy city. It highlighted in a visual way the city’s strengths and values that need to be protected, and also identified perspectives that need to be further developed."

Urban Business Developer, Tractebel in Belgium





In Abidjan, Ivory Coast, we scanned the city over the six perspectives. We clearly identified priorities and actions for improvement on mobility, sustainability and much more"

Charlemagne DANOH
Business Development Manager
Tractebel in Belgium



Watch the video to find out more about our 360° City Scan.