A new stylish and green getaway in the heart of Belgium's countryside


On May 28, the 250- cottage Terhills Resort was successfully opened. Tractebel is very proud to have been able to take part in this wonderful and sustainable project, that is an important investment by LRM and operated by Center Parks. Client, LRM resolutely opted for ecological principles.

The Terhills Project was realized in a close-knit team, on the basis of a sketch design by Zeelenberg, commissioned by LRM. The multidiciplinary office at Tractebel was further developed as the main designer in collaboration with architect Buelens, architect Craps and landscape architect LST. The hospitality functions were designed by Creneau.


The Terhills resort

What used to be a coal and gravel extraction site has now made way for an extremely green vacation park, right next to the Hoge Kempen National Park. Since the 90s, first Center Parcs and then LRM have completely revitalized the area, allowing nature to take its course. This has created a place where man and nature can find each other in a unique way.

The resort's electricity supply is based on 100% renewable energy, 30% of which is generated locally by two solar panels parks. The energy supply of the cottages is entirely on electricity so no local emissions are generated. Also, all modes of transportation in the park are electric: service cars, boats, golf carts, shuttles, etc. An electric power supply was also chosen for the stove in the cottages. 100% of the rainwater is infiltrated locally via the canals and existing ponds. The central swimming pool is heated by a CHP (combined heat and power) installation.

Besides the energy supply, the park itself is entirely fossil-free. The floating panels were recently completed and a modular timber frame was chosen for the construction of the vacation homes. The soft integration with the water ensures an effective water-friendly area.










For more information about this project, you can contact:

Bart MOORS - Senior Project Manager in Hasselt, Belgium